Okayama has two definitions. One being a city in Japan. This city was founded on the 1st of June, 1889. The other definition of Okayama is when you are texting your friend and auto correct acts against you. When you mean to type okay, it could come out as Okayama.
Your friend: Let’s get food!
You: Okie dokie!
Your friend: Okayama!
You: ... Autocorrect?
Your friend: Yeah..
You: What’s your favorite city in Japan? (I don’t know why you would ask this..)
Your friend: Okayama.

You: Cool
by Pancakecatsrule December 8, 2017
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One of the prefectures in Japan. It takes 5hours from Tokyo.
Around 35th biggest cities in Japan. It famous for Peach and Kibidango.
There are lots of horny shit people around the Okayama Station every single day.

People in Okayama traditionally believe that they are part of Kinki area rather than fuckin borin area, Cyugoku area.
A: Hey dude can i ask u a question?
B: yea sure, wha?
A: u know the city between Kyoto and Hiroshima? can't remember the name..
B: Oh tht's my hometown, Okayama!
A:.................................................fuck off!!
by Ryo from okayama November 19, 2011
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