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A fun loving witty personality. Known to be quiet when you first meet him but becomes a talker as you get to understand him. Okamke's are always very smart and have got the latest technological gadgets. They know almost everything and everyone. They walk into a room and there's a pause because everyone wants to know who walked in. Girls wish they had him and guys wish they were him. He is prone to having a lot of female friends around cos of his good looks. Okamke's are breathtakingly handsome and very loyal. They DONT do short term relationships and when they find that girl, stick with her to the end. Are prone to dating Kayla's.
Girl: who's that quiet, handsome dude on the other table?
Girl 2: oh, that's Okamke, he's waiting for Kayla.

Your such an okamke
by Hardie N July 22, 2018
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