Okada (a term used mostly in Nigeria) is a crazy small half broken motorcyle most commonly of the jincheng make drvien by a random nigerian with a hard hat as a helmet.

the cause of most vehicle accidents and pedestrian problems
burn may occur when ridden (don't freak out)

most of the student that go to int'l schools want to ride it!
if you pay exta money, they WILL drive slower and safer!
Girl A: "OMG can we take an Okada to your house? it so close!"

Girl B: "ahhhh WOOOWW i took an okada yesterday! it was so scaryyy!!"
by Laurraine Aharon February 9, 2009
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When you use a hot sister to get the younger finer sister
James used Gabby to get to alexa, by okada hopping
by jjjoesephCurrie December 21, 2017
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Okada is a courteous, athletic, and innocent cute girl with a strange but adorable hairstyle. Though she can be sweet, she can get too serious, too direct without knowing it, and even unintentionally heartless. She might notice if you’re being too quiet or quite the fuckboi and say this out loud while among people (and likely to your chagrin), and will usually treat you as her bro whose life goals she supports while at the same time absent-mindedly critiquing and possibly obliterating any optimistic dreams you have with her facts and logic. In turn though, she may be prone to being traumatized by hentai or hardcore xvideos content because she has never been exposed to that sort of stuff before for some reason.
Dude 1: “bro there was this cute girl with a pineapple haircut who beat my ass in basketball and debate club yesterday”

Dude 2: “must be an Okada...”
by meandthegirls October 24, 2019
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