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Oixta is the projecting of ones own own guilt onto another person. blame shifting, accusing
I can’t believe he pulled the oixta on me. I was in a Christian rehab and he pulled the oixta !!! Yet it was he doing all the things he accused me of doing.
by DevonDextra June 16, 2018
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The act of wanting many lovers yet lying to them all about being exclusive to each individual one. Cheaters, gaslighters,flirtatious playersare all aka oixtas. To be oixtafied is to be fooled by the oixta.
The sex was so good I didn’t see clearly in my oixtafied state. I was paying for his phone he used to sext other chicks with while thinking we were exclusive. Then the oixta stole my phone and dissed me.
by Breeguytee July 30, 2018
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