Oy - Shii

Japanese for 'delicious'
Neko ga oishii desu yo.
"Cats are delicious!"
by NoStylezOrFreeStylez.Siddy. August 26, 2008
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In japanese, expression showing the full satisfaction obtained by eating, drinking or tasting anyway, somethings really delicious (delicious is what oishii properly means), mostly, but not necessarily, related to food or drink.
Coming from the Imperial Family and the noble class of the Heian period (794-1185 AC), it's still mainly used among highly educated people and academic circles, as a way of very polite and formal appreciation, sometimes just in order to mark the intellectual superiority from the common way of speaking.
My gf...oishii dayo !!!!
by ossiandream November 28, 2007
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A somewhat of a dead meme in Japan that you might hear a Japanese native say. It is often used when someone uses some fancy/obscure English or Japanese word that the listener doesn't know. Literally translated, it means "What is that? Is it delicious?". It has nothing to do with food though. 「Written in Japanese (with 漢字) -> 何それ?美味しいの?」

PS: Thank you Japanese Ammo with Misa
Shakespeare: Look thou be true; do not give dalliance, To the fire i' the blood: be more abstemious...

Every edgy highschooler ever: nani sore? oishii no?
by faichaan September 6, 2020
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