Greek. An expression of distress, fear or disgust. "Woe is me".
by Oratory August 26, 2009
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an Ancient Greek exclamation meaning 'woe is me!, alas!, oh no!' etc. However, 'oimoi' is a highly complex word, and depending on your tone and expression, it can convey a wide range of emotion and meaning. For example, combined with a lip bite and a seductive tone... 'oimoi' is the flirtation technique that never lets you down. More importantly, screaming 'oimoi' at the top of your lungs in public will instantly attract every god-tier intellectual within a 10 mile radius to you... you better watch out. 'oimoi' is not simply a word in the is a lifestyle that has transcended the barriers of time (approx 2500 years) and space ('oimoi' is most frequently heard at Bryanston School, England - approx 2000 miles from Greece). it will change your life. (NB. can be synonymous with rah!)
oimoi! John Taylor knows i exist!
by cathyb123 August 14, 2022
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