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Founder member and bass-player of UK pop phenomenon Duran Duran whose real name is actually NIGEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Once the sexiest man on the planet, had this disturbing characteristic of making adolescent boys really confused about their sexuality
I bet he fancies John Taylor, he's been nicking my extended format / special footage Girls on Film videotape!!

Play the fucking bass John!: a recurrent mantra in any Duran Duran gig this side of the millenium
by Mish Moneypenny April 10, 2006
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John Taylor is a leader of men, he is very athletic and very courageous. He is well behaved and has very good manners. He isn't that tall but not that short either. He is someone you want to know, and he is very good with kids. A little competitive but he doesn't let that ruin friendships.
I love how John Taylor is so good with those kids, he is perfect.
by i like explaining people January 29, 2017
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Retard and a dumb brat who yells when he can’t get his way. I don’t like u.
Teacher: John what it 2+2?
John: Umm..156
Teacher: That’s wrong u idiot.
John: *Thorws a tantrum*
John Taylor is a weird guy
by Anonymous10372031 June 03, 2018
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