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OgreCry services is a Non-Profit organization that makes silicone masks and weapons. The logo is a green ogre-like creature, almost resembling the popular kids character Shrek, with red eyes and a large smile. The three main members of the company are, the founder, OgreCry, GreenMachine and The Unborn. Not much is know about OgreCry and GreenMachine, but the Unborn has a few known family members. The unborn also works as a bounty hunter, and talks in a whispers demonic voice. He is also believed to look like an oversized standing pale fetus, with one eye half closed. OgreCry is believed to look like the company logo, and nobody knows what his brother green machine looks like. Anybody who goes in a 2 mile radius of the factory goes missing, unless they have arranged meetings. Therefore, most people have to order products online.
"Where are you shopping for halloween this year?"
"OgreCry services man!"
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by TheUnbornWendigo January 09, 2016
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