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A brave warrior who is determined to destroy the roadmen he/she will stop at no cost to bring peace and balance to the world. They will be part of the Offroadmen, a group of people who are also each an offroadman. They are all very close and have a great community spirit. Together they create an unstoppable force of love a good intentions.
Tiers of offroadmen.

Teirs are like a kind of system that determine how high up in the offroadman community you are. Teir 1 (trainee) is the starting teir you are assigned when you join the offroadmen, it doesn't really mean much. Teir 2 (amateur)you have done a helpful act and been promoted you are now truely a full member. Teir 3 (master)you are now a respected member among the community. Teir 4 (grand master) the offroadmen have decided to replace a council member with you note: their can only be five council members at a time. Teir 5 (father) you are the ultimate offroadman and the respected leader of the offroadmen note: there can only be one father at a time the current father is Bob Wong.
Levels off offroadmen. Levels of offroadmen show how much of an offroadman you are note: these are completely different to teirs. Level 1 basically any normal person who wants to do good. Level 2 a little bit of a nerd, wears outdoor clothes. Level 3 full on nerd, dedicated offroadman, wears only outdoor clothes.
The offroadman council are group of teir 4 and one teir 5 offroamen who make the main decision for the group
'he is an offroadman'
'I am part of the offroadmen
by The Offroadman June 17, 2018
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