Off-Grid is a term used when cutting off all contact via internet and phone with friends and family for an alloted amount of time.

Typically, it's used by TRON fans.

It is also used when cutting off all contact, so one can have alone time.
You can't get in contact with them. They're Off-Grid.
by TheOneJaeMills January 8, 2011
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Term used to describe a state of being off of the internet, no Facebook, Twitter, Skype, AIM, Gmail chat, Myspace etc. The only exception being e-mail and phone calls (only school/work related). Generally used in cases of drama-overdose.
"My dog died yesterday, and my boyfriend just dumped me so I'm going off-grid, guys. Call me."

"That bitch is totally cyber-bullying me so I'm going off-grid until that chick cools off."
by I'm purty May 7, 2010
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Traditionally, off grid is the term describing life lived without connection to the electrical grid. Often using solar panels and batteries to supply electrical needs. Being "off grid" can also include being disconnected from town water supplies and sewer systems. As most off grid homes exist in remote places, the former is the still the common term.
Peter has lived off grid for 25 years. Despite its age, his off grid power system is functioning well.

I'm going to be off grid. Seriously, I'm moving to a remote property with no grid power. Means I'm going to need a solar panel and battery if I wish to keep my mobile phone charged!
by Remote living March 19, 2018
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Looks different today than ever before, it's up for interpretation. Traditional off grid to modern day off grid and everything in between.

Means you can be off grid and have a dance party under your solar panels streaming a live DJ with starlink.
by Vanwives January 15, 2023
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(adj.) Unrecorded, untraceable through normal means.
Amish people live off the grid.

My package was not delivered,a nd has gone off the grid.
by Kung-fu Jesus June 26, 2004
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The term for a person who is not on a social networking site; i.e. myspace, facebook, friendster, livejournal
"Hey, link me to the myspace of that girl you hooked up wtih."
"I can't. She's off the grid."
by Jacob Sisson August 19, 2006
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1) Living without using the services of public or private utility companies (grids) such as electric, gas, or water, by generating and providing for one's needs such as by using solar power, etc.

2) One who disdains all recordable common forms of commerce, such as eschewing any form of credit extension, banking services or reportable payroll activities, using only cash so as to avoid any traceable transactions, e.g., living completely 'underground.'

Famous "off the grid" people include such disparate types as environmental champion Daryl Hannah and sociopathic Luddite Ted Kaczynski.
1) Bob lived off the grid in his rustic cabin in the mountains, where he provided for all his own means.

2) Leaving behind no record of his existance other than his birth certificate and social security number, Jim lived totally off the grid.
by Robin Michael January 7, 2008
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