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A play on the President's name in reference to his lack of intelligence as proven by a myriad of presidential gaffes. Some of his culturally illiterate comments: "57 states", Hawaii is in Asia, "corpseman" for corpsman, not knowing one player in the history of the White Sox (his alleged favorite baseball team), "Intercontinental Railroad", "Austrian language", "shovel ready", et. al.
President Odumbo can't even give a speech without his teleprompters, not even to a class of 6th graders.
by JonJay December 01, 2013
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A clueless, racist, gay, muslim who is the worst president in the history of US who polarized the US along racial lines. Won a Nobel peace prize for doing nothing over a deserved nominees like a murdered Ukrainian women's rights activist. Believes himself to be the Messiah.
Did you hear that Odumbo believes there are 57 states in the US?
by ConradDeMontferrat May 28, 2016
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