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A great friend that cares with every bit of herself. She's passionate with her family, friends, and what she loves. Has a creative mind and heart; plus, always knows what to do and say when others around her are sad. She's unique and random, not afraid to be silly and make a fool of herself, and completely confident and outspoken. She can get herself in trouble for being so straight forward with people, but she can handle any reaction and crisis. She is THE friend you call if you need to vent and truly be listened. She always has the best advice and looks out for the people she loves. She's the type of friend that is with you through everything and will never give up on you. She loves art, music, and dance. One thing, don't get on her bad side, because you'll lose a great, loyal friend.
Odeliz is such a great friend, she listened and gave me great advice.

Odeliz is always there for me.
Did you see the dance routine Odeliz choreographed?
Look at that art piece Odeliz did!
Odeliz is going to play something on the hand drums.
by Lely21 March 06, 2013
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