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A full fledged octagonal jerk off session with the intent of simultaneous male masturbation at no less or greater than 45 degree angles. This form of extreme masturbation is two steps below a decajerk and infinitely many steps below a circle jerk. Mass lotion consumption is a common factor in these situations. WARNING: It is recommended that only veteran jerk offs attempt this form of masturbation because of the common side effect of an entire loss of savagery
1. I cant believe you just participated in a Bryant octajerk!!!!!!!!

2. Theres not a single girl in my class, its an octajerk extreme!!!

3. Todd: Hey do you want to go to the Jonas Brothers concert tonight?

Omar: I dont think i can handle an octajerk tonight, i already had to beat off in traffic today for like 2 hours.

by SavageTeam2011 Part 2 August 21, 2008
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