A fancy ass not necessary word for yellow
Person 1: omg I love your sweater it’s a cute colour
Person 2: it’s called ochre
Person 1: it’s mf yellow
by Toe god August 16, 2018
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Not only is ochre a Color it is also a name for someone who is nothing more of a superhero then super man.
Oh my god look at him he’s so mighty, such an Ochre”
by BigGhee April 12, 2021
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ochre is a sapiosexual, she loves her goon, it gets her wild
she is an outgoing, trustworthy people kind of person
she has a lot of friends, and all the guys think shes super sick

her favourite food is dick, she loves it however she would never dog her friends for a guy
'Omg i hooked up with an Ochre, she was mingin bruh'
by ellon.co December 12, 2014
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