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A welcoming and very artsy community located on the gulf coast of Mississippi. It has a fair share of decent shopping centers, good neighborhoods, and an exceptional school system.

It is also home to one of the VERY few school systems in Mississippi that do not enforce an atrocious, unnecessary uniform-style dress code in their teaching facilities.
We're moving to Ocean Springs?! That's great! I won't miss Gautier one bit, especially now since I can express myself in school without fear of receiving a detention or worse. They believe in freedom there.. they won't suspend you for having a cellphone.. or even take it away for that matter.

They actually have a Gamestop in Ocean Springs, y'know. It's not like most other small cities in Mississippi...

Man, I wish we could move to Ocean Springs, but the housing and apartments there are so expensive..
by ConfusedFoxGuy February 26, 2011
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