Obvious Troll is a widely accepted term describing a forum contributor who contributes with very obvious posts or asks questions for which there are only obvious answers. Obvious troll posts are a subject to flames or flame wars on forums.
A: d(o.o)b
OT: How do you get the backwards "b"
A: it is called a "d"
X: OT, that was such an obvious troll question
by Noeh August 17, 2008
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Used on MMO forums the world (of warcraft) over, this meme phrase means that someone is a troll. Or trolling.

Phrase is said to originate, like so many other annoying memes, from lolcats, in this case "longcat is long."
Nubbins: ZOMG I waz dieded wai does game SUK DIK much plz plz nerf thing that kill ME!!!!11

Player: Obvious troll is obvious.
by waru4u February 2, 2009
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