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The state of wishing you were best friends ("besties") with a celebrity who will most likely never notice you. Those who become "obsesties" with someone famous (e.g. an actor/actress, singer, YouTuber, musician, comedian, etc.) will likely tweet regularly at said famous person in hopes of getting retweeted. They also probably write articles about them and/or Fan Fiction. One evolves from "obsesties" to "besties" once noticed by their famous person of interest in any way, shape, or form.
"I know I can't be besties with Jennifer Lawrence so I'll just have to settle for being obsesties."
"Ke$ha is my obsestie"
"I was obsesties with Jenna Marbles, but she retweeted me so we're TOTALLY besties now."
by @brittneyplz August 16, 2013
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