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An anxiety disorder characterized by involuntary intrusive liking of someones facebook status, picture, comment, anything. People with OLD feel compelled to voluntarily perform irrational, time-consuming clicking of the "like button" to diminish the anxiety.
Symptoms of Obsessive-Liking Disorder:
1. You like your own statuses.
2. You feel the need to press like whether you like it or not.
3. You wish there was a double like (or even more) button.
4. You wish there was a dislike button.
5. You wish you could like your own comment.
6. Your friends say you like things too much.
7. You click the like button on someone's FML moments.
8. You hit unlike just to like it again.
9. You press like even when you don't know the person.
10. You go through your entire feed, and proceed to press like on everything/anything.
11. You like something just because everyone else likes it.
12. You ask people to like your status updates.
13. You refresh the page to see if more people liked your status update.
14. You refresh the page to see if there's any more things to like.
15. You wish you could like other people's comments.
16. You like it so much, you like to comment "like" on what you just liked.
17. After you "like" something, you comment & say "like." "double like." "triple like."
18. You feel the urge to like something that doesn't have a like option.
19. You like so many things, you forget what you liked.
20. You don't remember clicking the like button but you did.
by yjp May 25, 2009
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