1. Either a relationship where one of the partners dominate or control the actions of the other, and constantly checks on them via telephone or email to make sure they are where they're supposed to be, and always expects them to service the every demands that the partner has, usually ones that interest none other than the obsessive one and sometimes even fear the dominated partner. Obsessive lovers often go through a destructive rage where they threaten or actually hurt their partner or themselves because of their inability to accept that their greedy and selfish demands are not met.

2. An affection with an ex-lover who still finds it neccessary to call and make interaction with the ex even if that person has made it damn clear that they are done with the relationship and want the stupid retard to back off and stop being so needy. Basically the ex is in a falsehood state of mind that the boy/girlfriend is still with them, because they aren't mature or smart enough to handle a break-up the right way.
1. "Dave is in such an obsessive love that Amy has to ask when she's allowed to eat. Then while she was eating, Dave asked to have sex. She said she was eating, so he raped her."

2. "Jill is in obsessive love with me. She cried because I'm not calling her. How can I go out with her again after she broke up with me, when she was the one who asked me out at the snowball dance and I said yes? I wasn't sure of her age, but I knew I was 17.5 and she was 13.5? And the only reason I even went out with her anyway was because I was desperate for girls! She didn't meet up to my standards! But noooo! I can't go back out with her! And she's giving me more love now than she's given me while we were going out! I can't feel sorry for her anymore! And the age difference! I'm not going to be a petafile here! She needs to stop being so fucking obsessive!"
by Landon the hekifier June 11, 2008
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When someone is in love with someone so much they will do anything for them. Also will tell all their friends and think about them adlest half the day and if their really creepy mabye start stalking them.
Person 1:have you seen person 3 latly?
Person 2:nah. I think there stalking person 4
Person4: um... is someone have obsessive love/crush with me?
by You_are_fool June 9, 2022
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