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Someone who is obsessed with video gaming, physical and mental traits that help you identify them include:

Poor hygiene - greasy unwashed hair that never gets combed - games are more important to the individual, how ever some do actually look after their appearance.
Blunt personality - they are usually in "cuckoo land" dreaming of being inside a video game or what they are going to play when they get home from work/school. Long hours in front of the computer and having no social life leads to an underdeveloped personality, they are generally self-centered and over confident in decisions they make making them look like an idiot out in the real world.
Unintelligent - because of the long hours they spend at the computer they know how to do nothing else only click a mouse button and tap keys on a keyboard, ask them to start a lawnmower(they probably don't know how).
Over reacting - this is usually more prominent in the gamer who is also obsessed with anime, acting out expressions in real life that you would only find in a cartoon.
Under slept - long hours at the computer causes severe sleep debt over time, they can be found to have very pale and badly complexioned skin with raw looking eyes, ignorance to lack of sleep can cause insanity in time.
I asked him if he wanted to go out paint balling with me but he was too busy playing Final Fantasy, he's such an obsessed gamer.
by Lee K7 May 09, 2008
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Often referred: to nerds, geeks, dorks, people who do not have a life, hermit crabs, etc. These are people who play video games or computer games excessively and have forgotten about what the outside world would look like outside of their own homes as they are drawn in into the fiction cyber fantasy world of the video game in their own room. They begin to think that life in the video game is real life and believe that "covenants" and "halos" are real life figures. Most obsessed gamers have low social status and would most definitely talk about video games all day and nothing else. Also, most obsessed gamers never leave their homes. When they do, they attend video game tournaments in malls or elsewhere. Not all obsessed gamers play video games thinking they could win the tournament $50. And when they lose, they kill their selves over a $50 Tournament prize. Some play card games such as Yu-Gi-Oh! or Pokemon.
Ali is one of the obsessed gamers club that he talks nothing but video games all day pissing the shit out of me.
Sam was so obsessed at gaming that he plays 24/7 and thinks that the "covenants" and "the flood" will kill us all one day.
I am an obsessed gamer and all i ever do is talk about games and i live Halo like its life....i kill Covenants with my Xbox controller and never gotten out off my ass ever since i was 12.
I'm so obsessed with gaming that i'd rather have a $134 Legendary Halo 3 Pack rather than having a Hot Girl friend.
I live videogames like its my life
by Convert2Satanism October 15, 2007
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