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DEFINITION 1.) A love-struck form of delusional POISONING-OF-THE-MIND to which O-bots often succumb at Obama rallies. It's believed to be a result of the hypnotic effect of Obama's use of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the words that are coming out of his mouth.

OR conversely,

2.) A NAUSEATING ILLNESS caused by observing the disgusting display of 'ecstatic glee', 'mindless gullibility', and 'sworn devotion' among throngs of O-bots (who feel they have a psychic link with Barack Hussein Obama or Oprah Winfrey).

3.) Generally, OBOTULISM is any form of mental or behavioral disturbance related to the mind-control techniques employed by Barack Hussein "O"bama or "O"prah Winfrey. (Rare cases implicate Shaquille "O"Neill, and Jay Len"O".)

4.) The Hope For A Cure for OBOTULISM may involve electro-shock therapy and/or traditional Frontal Lobotomy if facts and logical reasoning have no remedial effect on the patient.
EXAMPLE 1.) "A pandemic of OBOTULISM is the only explanation for Obama's approval ratings remaining above 35%."

2.) "After Zoe watched that video of the para-military Obama Youth we had to rush her to the ER with severe OBOTULISM."

3.) "I called-in sick today because Obama's speech on TV last night gave me a wicked case of OBOTULISM. The cameras kept panning from his infatuated admirers to the nauseating specter of Nancy Pelosi on his left shoulder ... and I about shit my pants!"

4.) "Oprah Winfrey has achieved cult status and become rich & famous by taking crafty advantage of OBOTULISM in her adoring fans."
by JuΓ‘rez deMongo! October 02, 2009
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