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The group of particularly strident and vociferous voters under 40 whose admiration for Barack Obama approaches a level of religious devotion.
Person A: "Did you see that group of Obama Youth crying after the inauguration?"

Person B: "Yes, they called me a 'fearmongering fascist' for questioning his experience and political record."
by adjockey January 21, 2009
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Those poor indoctrinated kids who were made by their parents and teachers to sing for a Political commercial.

See Youtube video "Obama Youth" or refer to indoctrination of youth

See also album art from "I am a Sunflower - Children's Songs" illustrated by Comrade Mary Blair. Side 2 of this album is "Little Red Guards attend a repudiation meeting"
Now John, I know you are a Liberal, but even you cannot seriously believe those Obama Youth simply woke up one morning and said "No video games and candy for me today mom, what I really want to do is run on down to the public school funded by hard working folk's tax dollars and sing the praises of our fearless leader under hot production lights, pretend those songs are just random things our innocent little minds come up with." Now John, even you aren't that ignorant are you?
by edarmoc xram September 02, 2009
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