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Argueably one of the most bizzarre species of band geek. These people's brains are compromised by immese amounts of pressure building up in their heads as they work to push a ton of air through that tiny little reed. Their approximate male to female ratio is 1:3. They do not get much drama in their section which can probably be attributed to their small numbers and tendancy not to care very much about anything but their reeds. Oh yeah, harm an oboe reed or threaten to, and they will freak out on you. Contrary to popular belief, the oboe is not used often for masturbation (not only do the players not tend to be very pervy, but it's just too small!) Oboe players can usually play at least one other instrument too. Thus, they are bisectional.
by i love my oboe! April 15, 2009
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Funny. Can either be super social or doesn’t talk at all. Extremely patient and hard working. Usually pretty smart. Some of the best friends you can get because of how dedicated they are. They are extremely nice and will make you laugh. Can be annoying but it’s only because they have a lot to say and do. MULTITASKING MOTHERFUCKING QUEENS. You try reading music, trying to figure out alternate fingerings, reading music, playing the actual piece, working with their reeds, and keeping tempo. They can keep it together. They have to be really good otherwise they will get made fun of.
She’s so nice,funny, and calm all the time

Must be an oboe player
by Hello peps April 11, 2019
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