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A.K.A Oblyveus Cracker
Caucasian hip hop artist known as the godfather of 5150 drift, a hip hop genre based on mental illness. Oblyveus, who is known for self deprecating humor and brutal honesty in his lyrics, first gained notoriety on the internet by blogging the lyrics to his songs, and later through youtube, and facebook.
Sample of lyrics from "Who summoned 'Blyv" by Oblyveus:

Oh my god, someone musta hit the bat shit signal, cause here comes oblyveus grabbin on his little pickle. And whats that he's got behind his back? A black nap sack, filled up with porno mags, spray paint cans, a old crusty rag, paper bags, and a red ball gag. 20 pill bottles with the labels ripped off, just incase he gets popped by the cops. Duck quick, before he looks this way, or he'll come over here and he won't go away, and we get stuck listening to his stories, choking on his essence, and sampling his inventory. He hasn't got a clue that we can't stand all that shit, That is why we call him Obly-ve-us.
by (====}`~~$m0k3r July 20, 2010
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