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Nickname for president Obama that came about later in his first term, when he shifted away from the inspirational rhetoric of his first presidential campaign and started blaming a multitude of other people or groups for his administration's failures and the country's problems when questioned, instead of taking responsibility like a real leader should. Blame for others came both directly from Obama and from his spokesman, Jay Carney.

Initially, the blame for failures under the Obama administration was directed toward the previous administration (Bush). The blame game reached new heights in Obama's second term when, during the partial government shutdown of late 2013, the president said repeatedly that he would not negotiate with other elected officials, and continued to place all of the blame and responsibility for the shutdown on others (notably, Republicans in congress), even resorting to highly inflammatory rhetoric. The administration was able to get most of the media (directly or indirectly) to go along with this story line. The Obama administration subsequently made many eye-raising decisions about what to keep up open versus what to close from the general public during the shutdown; these decisions appeared to be made to make the American people "feel the pain" of the shutdown who would have otherwise not noticed, and drum up anger and blame toward congress.
"Well, it's his second term and the economy is crawling, unemployment is still over 7%, almost all of the new jobs are part-time jobs, food stamp recipients are at an all-time high, poverty is up, incomes are down, no one is leading in Washington, there's no budget, and foreign terrorist moochers are blowing people up at marathons right here at home. Yet, Oblamer is still blaming this on Bush and others. Jay Carney says go ask someone else. Remember when Oblamer said the attack in Benghazi was because of a YouTube video? Seriously. Who will Oblamer say is responsible for the website not working, his new boogeyman the Tea Party?"
by psara October 23, 2013
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An extreme right-winger who will blame President Obama for anything and everything under the sun. Obama can do no right in their eyes, even when he proposes ideas that were originally republican ideas. An O-blamer is that crazy, reclusive uncle who at family gatherings will go from a completely unrelated topic into a tirade about how Obama is a socialist who wants to take all your guns away, force everyone to gay marry, build mosques in every city, ad nauseam. While there are certainly legitimate criticisms of Obama's policies, O-blamers are known to let their imaginations run wild.
O-blamer: "I was so hoping to get a Hummer H2, but I lost my 401k when that godless-kenyan-muslim-socialist-commie-nazi-antichrist was elected, and now I'm stockpiling ammo for the revolution!"

Everyone else: (quietly observes for fear of sending the O-blamer into a violent fit of rage)
by Def0xifier December 05, 2013
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Radical right-wingers who try to blame Obama for every conceivable problem that comes along
Oblamer:"The NSA collecting personal data like our phone records is bullshit I hate Obama for creating the Patriot Act. "
Intelligent Person:"Excuse me the Patriot Act was created by the Bush Administration."

Oblamer:"Deficit spending is out of control because of Obama"
Intelligent Person:"When Bill Clinton left office we had a record budget surplus Bush turned it into a record deficit, every year since Obama has been in office annual deficits have actually decreased."

Oblamer:"Obamacare is going to cause an increase in the number of abortions."
Intelligent person: "Actually since the Affordable Care Act insures everybody has access to things like birth control and prenatal care it has actually reduced the number of abortions."
by YEAH_RIGHT! May 15, 2014
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A person that relates topics back to President Barack Obama, usually in disapproval or blame. A person who, in the midst of a normal, polite conversation, abruptly diverts a discussion about a generic problem back to the Obama administration, causing everyone in the immediate area to fall into an awkward silence.
"Yeah man, its getting tough. There's a lot of lay-offs going around."

"Gosh darn Obama bailing out raisin' taxes killin' babies"

"'re such an Oblamer"

by tomatofury June 09, 2009

Resubmitted by a good samaritan after it was unjustly deleted by right-wing trolls. is amazing :)
by Def0xifier December 05, 2013
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