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adjective. Of or relating to chaos, disorganization, or a general disaster.
Michael's presentation was simply Obamian in proportion. It was entirely devoid of coherence or purpose.

The election will be remembered more for the Obamian era that followed it than the historic and breakthrough achievements of the election itself.

When the car manufacturer's CEO testified, he admitted that the situation his company faced was completely Obamian. Six months later, the company went bankrupt.
by Prolixity February 26, 2010
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Person who is a minion or shill for Barack Obama. Tasked to defend Obama and attack people who do not like the Obamian vision. Also includes elected Democrats and agents provocateurs.

Plural form is Obamians. Can also be used as an adjective. Alternative word is Obaman.
Those weren't Teapartier signs. Those were Obamians. Pretending to be Teabaggers.

Don't even listen to that Obamian shill anymore. All she does is rant about crackers and rednecks.

Unbelievable! She still has that Obamian bumper sticker on her car.
by Tactuardo July 16, 2010
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