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Obambie is to Obama as Zombie is to succulent human meat flesh, the former following after the latter with an unexplicable, unnatural, and above all blind, adoration. Weapons in an obambie hunter's arsenal include the truth (akin to crowbar), logic (the shotgun), and facts (the bullets).
Despite generally friendly mannerisms, be wary, for while a single obambie can usually be either ignored or walked away from, in great numbers they have the devestating electoral force akin only to the power of a screaming hell child over an exasperated mother in a toy shop. Prepare yourselves. O-day is coming.
Obambie: Mmm...brains, propoganda, hope, Obama...
Obambie Hunter: Dude, can you tell me one thing he plans to do as president?
Obambie: *silence*...Rarg!
Obambie Hunter: Ahh! Jesus! The darn thing bit me!
by Abdominal August 21, 2008
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