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This is a disease that affected millions of American's. It was discovered in the year 2008, and is still around today.

Symptoms: Bad judgement, belief that one power can change an entire society, to Socialism.
Race has generally been affected, in that people of color seem to contract this disease more often, than other races.
People that have contracted this disease seem to think that, common laws that have been established for many years, do not apply to them.
This disease was brought to America by a man named Barry Soetoto, from Indonesia, where it is believed this disease was started.
If you know someone that has contracted this disease, report them to your nearest Physician, or Doctor, explaining that this person is affected by this disease.
Case Studies:

1) A man was observed to continuously do the same things from day to day, expecting different results each time he did them, hence, this man is affected by Obamaniesia.
2) A family would go through their daily routines, deciding that it was better to be on Welfare and SNAP (food stamps), and not go to work, depending on the government to "pay their way". They are suffering from Obamaniesia.
3) Groups of people gathering in mobs, to destroy the United States, believing that they should not have to work, and the people that have earned their money by working hard, should give it to them, just as in Socialism.
by Treboar October 19, 2012
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