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A supporter of President Obama, usually between the ages of 18-40, who admires Obama so much it actually borders on fellatio. Usually identified as liberal hipsters that still wear their novelty campaign "YES WE CAN" tees, own an Obama bobblehead, and obsessively follow his Tweets via Blackberry.
Hipster Liberal 1: And holy crap, his health care plan is SO AMAZING and did you see his latest Tweet holy crap hahaha and I love change so much! <3

Hipster Liberal 2: Okay, seriously. You're my friend and I agree with you and everything, but could you possibly be less of an Obamafag please?
by quoteXunquote February 14, 2010
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Someone who jerks off to obama's speeches on YouTube and has wet dreams about sucking him off. A real failure.
Liberals spill rivers of semen for their idol. All Obama fags should be executed.
by Phoenix777 June 18, 2009
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