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The deep unconscious state of mind from Americans and people around the world while they give Barack Hussein Obama cart blanch as president. This includes not taking the time to learn and research his stated agenda.

Vital signs include a glaze over the eyes upon hearing his name, frequent uses of the words "change" and "hope" when defending support of him, and reading tabloid magazines that praise his wife and kids.

Sources of this coma include Obama's ethnicity, youth, political party affiliation, and the fact he is not George W. Bush.

Meanwhile, his inauguration party cost more than $100 million, despite the $10 trillion in deficit that continues growing with all the "economic stimulus" plans.

He has no intention to reduce the size of the U.S. government or bring the troops home. He will continue implementing the Security and Prosperity Partnership to make North America one country.

The only change you're getting are three quarters in 2012 for every dollar we have today.
Obamacoma person: "Obama will bring change to South Africa, the Iraq, like such as."

Any other person: "Oh jeez. She must be in an Obamacoma."
by Shareeb4Prez January 31, 2009
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