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The younger and much worse half of Generation Y.

The left-wing liberal children 1978-1994 that voted for Obama. See: Neo-Boomer and lost cause

The generation that will cause the worst economic train-wreck the West will ever see. The people who will cause a dark ages.

They are basically another Hippie boomer generation, but a lot less cooler, moral, and ambitious than the Boomers and a lot more Marxist, extremist, pacifist and spoiled. In other words, see: brain-dead.

Like the Boomer generation, the Obama Generation will contribute to the downfall of America as well as the rest of Western civilization, due to their spoiled brat gimme-gimme liberalism.

The median year of the Obama generation is 1986. Theoretically, it is believed that generally the most liberal of individuals ever to be seen in human history, are born within that particular year.
The Obama Generation will go down in history as one of the most incompetent, worst and brain-dead generations. They are merely too incompetent to live civilized lives, or even control a country.
by Kongamuse January 19, 2014
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