Hella dark Mexican trolls. Also sometimes referred to as aliens👽(illegal ones). Usually come in sizes of 4’10 and below. Some of the ugliest creatures on Earth. Can be found in many natural habitats including: fruit fields, mowing your lawn, cleansing your pool, and selling bracelets on the street. But most commonly founded chilling outside a Home Depot. Oaxacans are some of the hardest working trolls money can buy, and you can usually pay them like shit, and they’ll still be happy.

They’re not your average mestizo, in fact they are sum of the only true Mexicanos left on Earth so treat them with great respect, cuz luckily they weren’t infected with that faggot Spanish blood. Fuck Enrique Iglesias.
As far as facial features, think Mama Coco.
Sum dude: “Yo I need sum work done on my house know anybody?”
Sum dudes friend: “Yuh bro I got this lil Oaxacan dude. He’s Short af, but he gets shit done. And he illegal so he charges like peso wages.”
Sum dude: “I heard them beaners were lazy tho, I’m not tryna wait 8 months for sum lazy ass wetback to do his job.”
Sum dudes friend: “Nuh bruh. If he’s moving too slow just tell him your gonna call La Migra. He’ll get his lil Oaxacan ass moving then.”
by nuht@n_24/7 November 4, 2021
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When a female American tourist is being pounded in the rear by one of the Oaxaca locals. The thrusts become so violent they cause her neck to snap back, dislodging her Sombrero and causing pressurized feces to exit from around the penetrator's penis.
"Hey, remember when you and Sandy and I went to Mexico and we met Pedro and he gave you Oaxacan Whiplash and shit squirted on Sandy's glasses? Wasn't 12th grade fun?
by Jimmy Lee Farnsworth September 28, 2010
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