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alright first of all...whoever wrote that up there is all wrong.we have the best dance team around(and yes theyre amazing dancers that go to freakin nationals every year what other sport at oakton does that?)I idolize all those pretty girls that get to dance with all the hot football players in front of the whole school!I know most of them and really they're some of the nicest girls i know..and just because every single one might not be perfect doesn't mean we should give that reputation to the entire team.whoever wrote that up there is most likely just jealous cause basically the whole school loves the girls on dance team...and they should!and whats so wrong with "mmack"?its just another group of best friends like "slackk" or "lacken" that just happens to be all part of dance team.I think dance team get some credit...cause yah just like that other person said-their season basically does run all year long and probably takes up alot of time.and who team could be harder than all the other oakton sports...maybe they're just better at liking what they do
"the oakton dance team doesn't get as much recognition as they should"
by adsfasdfasdf May 04, 2005
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oakton dance team - our skools amazing dance team, who go to nationals every year. first definition is written by a mother fucking retard who is one of the rejects who sit in the hallway near olsons room playing their gay ass guitars and wear fishnets and dont know that theyre ugly. Go to hell dawg ure a homo.
gay people sit in the corner of the hallway with their sex crazed minds, make out with ugly girls wearing horrible black clothes and fishnets. Guys are wearing they gay eye liner and hav nasty hair.
by Oakton Student. May 05, 2005
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i dont no why people have such a problem with the dance team. theyre amazing and i love the girls on it and im not on the team...sooo yeah its not a cult. ppl who hate them are only jelous bc they see them dance and wish they could be on it. and why do ppl hate mmack or h/e u spell it? i love all those girls theyre awesome. specially alex trakas wow man shes so hott and sucha good dancer. ohs dance team is so good so fuck off fuckers! :)
ohs: yeah they go to nationals theyre so good!
ugly ppl who cant dance: damnnn im jelous. maybe if i just insult them and call them sluts ill feel cooler..
by ohs dance is GOOD May 07, 2005
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