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A member of a species of creature that, though appearing human, possesses speed, strength, and power unattainable by any Homo sapiens. Oaksmen are characterized by their pure power, aggressive workout regimen, and unparalleled love for one another. Several known Oaksmen wear their hair long so that it flows from beneath a hat or helmet. The first known example of an Oaksman was the late Owen Thomas, whose kinsmen carry on his legacy today. Some claim they speak another language, others claim they don't speak at all, instead flapping their Lats and grunting in a method of advanced communication. Rumors of extinction ran rampant over the past year, however, it seems as though the Oaksmen, though few in number, are alive and kicking.
Did Thor, the lightning god, just walk in to the bar?' 'No, man, that's an Oaksman.
by PumaKat October 31, 2010
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