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(Adverb) How we do it in Oakland.
(Pronounced) Oak-Landish

Generally used for terms and phrases created in Oakland such as Hella, Hyphy, Ghost Ride, Scrapper, Scrapper Bike, Epic Beard Man, etc.

Popularized in Oakland, California by the Oaklandish clothing company.
Dude, did you see that old dude give a beat down on the bus to that young punk?

Sure did, that beat down was Oaklandish!
by the_town February 23, 2010
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(n) Bay Area, Oakland, CA. Ghetto-ese for areas which are becoming trashy, dirty, or dangerous.
"Only two drive-bys today! The hoods not getting too Oaklandish"

"Yo, Tay lives up in the hills, he's rockin' cronic Oaklandish style"
by Reno Ghetto Girl January 27, 2008
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