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Da premium (and premium-PRICED) brand of moo-juice dat your roomie always insists on choosing at da supermarket, and you (A) cannot for da life of you tell any difference in taste from just da regular $1.23-cheaper-per-gallon ($4.99 vs. da $3.76 state-minimum price) "generic" store brand, and (B) always have to end up buying full gallon-jugs (even if there was only a small amount left in da bottle to begin with) of said outrageously-priced premium-brand milk for said roomie whenever you drank his up because you were absolutely crazy-thirsty and da supermarket was closed at da time.
I try to tell my roomie dat da store-brand of milk is actually identical to his confounded Oakcursed brand; the jug just gets slapped wid a different label --- "It's all just da same milk from da same farms and comes from da very same creamery, Dude --- you're just payin' extra fer da premium name!" --- but he won't listen... claims dat "da generic stuff is nasty", whereas da premium brand "tastes a lot fresher and more flavorful". Yeah, right --- just like "da old records sound better", as opposed to da modern CDs dat were made from da very same master-tapes! :P :P
by QuacksO August 11, 2018
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