Stands for "Oh, That's a HOOT!" Originally created as a joke by two loving grown-up children on their mother that didn't understand internet / text acronyms (To be used in place of or in conjunction with LOL, ROFL, etc.) it was later submitted to and aired on the Jimmy Fallon Show, and used extensively during the segment in which it aired.
Michael: We're going to

Rachel: OTAH!
by TheJadeTiger May 12, 2017
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Text acronym for the "Oh That's A Hoot"

A woman named Stacy came up with it. It's now a thing.
"OTAH, I'd totally do that."
"Eating PopRocks then drinking a soda, OTAH."
by TheChillestDude October 03, 2018
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Acronym of "Oh That's a Hoot!"

Only use if you are trying to make a person laugh(TELL THEM THE MEANING AFTER THAT)

Only teach this to people who are actually not that smart but think that they are very smart

I saw this from the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.
Person 1: OTAH!!!
Person 2: Wait what?!
Person 1: It means Oh That's a Hoot you silly
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