That minuscule fraction of time it takes your brain to realize that you've just made a GIGANTIC mistake and reconcile the fact that it is too late.
Bob hit send on his email to Tom, only then realizing that he had copied in the entire company on the x-rated pictures of him and his latest conquest swinging from his sex swing in full leather outfits.
by Buzz M. February 26, 2005
The momentary panic that occurs when something irreversible goes wrong. Can also be used to describe something that turns out to be reversible although you were worried at the time it wasn't.
1.Dave sent his girlfriend pictures of himself with another woman, by accident, regretting it an ohnosecond later.
2. I experienced an ohnosecond when i realised my head was stuck between the railings.
by brianriot July 14, 2006
a wsed to describe that miniscule, fraction-of-a-second that occurs in between hitting "send" and "okay".
I should have stopped at the ohnosecond before sending that hate letter to my boss.
by Republican Extremist July 11, 2008