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Marijuana that upon whacking instantly causes the nose and entire breathing passage feel like it's burnt and even ache with increasing doses. the plant itself is usually lime green with specs of orange and purple and leaves large amounts of crystals all over the container in which it is stored.

Given it's name from the expression people say once they've taken an enormous hit. The hit is taken, choked out, and the user exclaims OHHWAY!

Almost involuntary because of the extreme burning sensation delivered from the dope, when there's a whack that makes you exclaim OHHWAY it may take several minutes to recover.

Fat L's of the OHHWAY are a waste and could get a room full of homies dangerously high.
*cough cough cough choke* "OHHWAY! that was a monster hit! i'm geeked!!"
by Roger Belvedere April 28, 2008
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