A pimp; A high chief; One who answers to noone else.
Derived from the 6th century word for an occupier of Ogham's Hill in what is now modern day Wales.
Dude, did you see Smitty meet and walk off with that chick in like three minutes of talking to her? What a fucking OG.
by Shnoop July 25, 2004
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a descriptive characteristic, to be old fashioned, traditional in any sense, can be used for a person or object.
by Octavian Ken December 19, 1999
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Organically Grown.

Food grown and processed using no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.
by Freak Nasty B September 30, 2006
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overgrow forums @ www.overgrow.com
marijuana is awesome, i love OG 's forums
by Mike Girard April 26, 2003
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