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OATT is an acronym for out all the time, as in someone who calls in sick to work for some lame reason in an insanely frequent manner that makes you wonder how said person is still employed. You really hate this asshole because of all the extra work you have to do as a direct result of fake sick time. You secretly hope that the person IS sick with something bad enough to make them resign so that your employer will have to hire someone else to replace the son of a bitch whose been ruining your coffee break time.
Boss: Hey everyone, Brynn is out off the office today.
Me: Again?
Boss: Yes, so we'll be dividing her workload and breaks will be eliminated today.
Me: Fucking Brynn is OATT! That's the second time this week alone. I'm gonna leave a steamer in her cube.
by Grumpy Blumpkin Muffin Maker November 18, 2010
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