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Fictional (hopefully) cocktail made up of a collection of spilled drinks from the dance floors of 'The Osprey' club in Manasquan, NJ. This legendary drink is concocted by no other than the white-haired bouncer/bar back that is seen mopping up floors in the early part of an Osprey night. His sentinel like stealth and proclivity to cleanup is unparalleled along the Jersey Shore. Whether true or not, this mythical tale is believed to be due, in part, by the extremely odd and uneasy beer selection at 'The Osprey', which includes, Corona in a tall boy can, fosters, molson ice, amongst other weird and varied beers of all sizes too large to drink before it warms to a piss-like temperature. The slang term, 'O-slurry' can be used to describe the formed slurry of spilt beverages on any dance floor.
Greg overheard the white-haired bar back saying, "An O-slurry a day keeps me strong and handsome." That's so creepy!
by pgpolli_2 May 26, 2010
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