O’Nella’s Straw is a philosophical term once coined by the great philosopher Sam O’Nella, on his famous work “Kinds of Straws”, a revered piece of entertainment and philosophical thinking.

The concept of O’Nella’s Straw is comparable to Occam’s Razor, a thought process where we should prever simple explanations for things that cannot be proven.

The main difference between the two is t he fact that the Straw is only applicable to straws of any kind.
“Has a firm believer of O’Nella’s straw, I find that the child using that bent monstrosity in this Oliver Garden establishment is a disgrace from humanity.”
by B. C. Santos March 2, 2021
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A philosophical principle based on Occam’s razor. “The simplest design is always the most efficient.”
The drinking straw’s design formed the basis for O’Nella’s Straw
by Whythisword February 24, 2023
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