someone.. who.. LOVES durfs.
oh yeah.. she was such an O'keefe
by nailpolishquifer July 11, 2011
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James O'Keefe, founder of media watchdog group Project Veritas (PV), engages in investigative journalism via insider recordings of organisations and companies.

The term "O'Keefed" was coined by the Kansas City Star Editorial Board in their article headlined: "Why is Kansas Democrat Barbara Bollier making volunteers sign non-disclosure agreements?"

To be O'Keefed is to have your company be secretly recorded by a PV insider, and subsequently exposed by PV itself on their YouTube channel.
CEO of Shady Corp.: Yo man don't you think Johnny is acting kind of awkward recently?
Executive at Shady Corp.: Yeah his computer has been contacting ProtonMail's servers a lot, probably doing something shady on our PC's.
CEO of Shady Corp.: OMG! We're probably being O'Keefed! Quick, make our employees sign some NDA's!

2 weeks later~

Project Veritas: BREAKING: Shady Corp. engages in MASS voter fraud and election INTERFERENCE
by Blind Boi September 28, 2020
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A dickhead who hosts the Australian version of 'Deal or No Deal'. Thinks he's funny and laughs at all his lame jokes which arn't even funny.
Person 1- "Man I hate that guy, he's always trying to be funny, when hes clearly not."
Person 2- "Yeah I know, hes such an Andrew O'Keefe".
by jimmy jim jim jim jim jim March 25, 2009
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A faggot who plays fortnite all the time, is literally the gayest shit I have ever met. Never mind actually Oliver is the sexiest, most beautiful boy I have ever seen. He has a massive cock too, a whopping 12 inch. If he shoves it up your asshole you have no hope in living as it is just too big.
"my boyfriend has a massive dick" says Paul
"Ah so your boyfriend is an Oliver o'keefe " says John
by Penissucker2 June 27, 2018
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1. Painter/Artist
2. Slang term for a labia
I heard your girl got her Georgia O'Keefe pierced.
by Wendy January 11, 2004
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appreciate ones little Georgia O'Keefe: to masturbate (said of a woman)

Etymology: allusion the uncanny resemblance of many of O'Keefe's flower paintings to vulvae.
She's crabby because she doesn't appreciate her little Georgia O'Keefe.

She's not answering her phone because she's appreciating her little Georgia O'Keefe.

She's quite the connoisseur of art; she frequently appreciates her little Georgia O'Keefe.
by apocope February 24, 2010
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