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A lower version of the restaurant Outback} Steakhouse. Used to be cheaper than Outback, and thus worth the lower-quality food, but since kids don't eat for free anymore, not worth the trip. Used to be known for the cheapest way to feed you and your half dozen kids in town (yes, it was cheaper than going to McDonalds). Known for their yeast rolls and 400-calorie-per-4oz salad dressings that are recommended on their lighter fare salads, this restaurant caters to the lower income rednecks. Their chicken-o-tenders (high-class chicken McNuggets) and often over cooked and their salad contains a preservative that makes it smell off. The only way to order aCoors Light' is to say it right 'Curz ight'.
They serve extrememly fattening food, for example, their combo appetizer has 2000 calories, the Spinach Dip is 1400 calories, the Pecan Tender Salad has 1925 calories.
"Hey let's go to O'Charley's after church service. They have a Sunday brunch that includes free champagne and we can order 2 adult entrees and get 4 kids meals for free."
by Darrrrksunshine October 05, 2008
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