To perform oral sex, ordinarily fellatio. Pun on the historic British secondary level exam. Twinned with A Levels which are the act of anal sex

Especially used in the escorting world to signify the provider offers fellatio without a condom.
We had some top O Level action, she sucked the spunk right out my dick and didn't spit, swallowing the lot.

Candy is an openminded girl who has passed her O Levels.
by RobinP63 August 17, 2009
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Function: noun
a term for oral sex commonly used in the UK.
The escort service website guarantees that all their talents perform "O" levels.
by Bad Doggie November 8, 2007
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Noun - A standardized term for a Secondary level academic qualification of showing the ability to fart, vomit, burp, as well as have the potential for being future Osama bin Ladens.

Adverb - A slang to show extreme anger, distaste or aggression, used commonly by Cambridge people. Refer to fuck
1. The world will end in the hands of O level scorers as they all show extreme talent in murdering themselves.

2. What the O levels?! I don't give a O level damned about what bullshit you just crapped!
by CAMBRIGDE June 14, 2009
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A RPG player that only wants to raise his level, without enjoying the history and other game's features. Also known as upper.
by gianop February 16, 2007
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