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A boy with a great sense of humor. He has a nice body and is liked by many. A Nyziq doesnt notice many girls and is very shy. He'll come around and is someone who girls can easily fall for. He wont break your heart and will stay true to his girl. His eyes are ordinary but you'll get lost in them. A Nyziq's touch is amazing. He hangs out with a few bad people but he's respectful and has manners unlike them. He can be your best friend but if you get on a Nyziq's bad side you'll be torchured by him ignoring you. Your days without him will never be the same. He is someone girls long for.
Girl 1: OMG, did you see Nyziq?

Girl 2: Yeah! he's so dremy!

Girl 1: He's amazing
by Rose Garcia May 29, 2011
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