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the most amazing and impressive type of girl, a girl who won't stop trying to get everything done until she accomplishes ten times more than those around her, she is still nice and loving to everyone even though she surpasses them all, you can't be snobby and be a Nysa
"Dude how the hell can she do all of that? I can barely do half of what she does!"
"What do you expect she's a Nysa dude"

"Holy crap she's athletic, smart, talented, AND nice?" "YEP, Nysa
by oicangisiemanym December 12, 2010
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Nysa is the kind of a person who’s an introverted extrovert. She is incredibly fine, and although she might not be good at maths, her English is on point. She’s super weird and funny. She has a weird way of making friends, most probably by weirding them out. She’s the kind of a person who’s confident in who she is and doesn’t mind publicising it. She’s a perfectionist, and she’ll try to get everything to go right, she’s also a hygiene freak. She’s everything mixed into one, a badass, a professional, a two year old, an egotistical, and Just overall amazing person. She’s kind at heart and says what’s on her mind! She’s like the result of happiness mixed with sadness. She likes everything Tumblr related. She doesn’t give a shit about how she’s dressed and she’s an amazing girlfriend!! She loves dogs and food!! she is an idiotic and amazing person.
Her: What’s she like?
Him: How do I explain it... she’s sort of a nysa.
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by CUPCAKES4LYF January 10, 2018
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Nysa is the most beautiful person alive. She has great things for her in the future. She is going to be someone who is very rich. Nysa is a very uncommon name but has gained a little popularity. Nysa has the perfect face, body and personality. She is someone who everyone wants to go on a date with. She is seen as a successful person in the future. She has the capability to be a actress or a model.
Hey who is she?
Obviously Nysa!
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by india484 September 07, 2018
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