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Smart, Beautiful, Honoring, Gorgeous. The realest ,most honest person you will ever meet. She's Intelligent, Pretty, Wise and Has A Sexy Attitude. Many People Hate Her But She Doesn't Care She Walks With Her Head Held High And Doesnt Lose Any Sleep. She's The Best.
Nyrah is Beautiful
by Nyrah December 22, 2016
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Nyrah is a unique, creative, and down to earth girl. She is a great and loyal friend and can be one of the most realest people you'll ever meet. Many people admire her. She can be shy at times and humble. Also her attitude is very attractive which causes her to come off as some what confident at times.Nyrah is intelligent and beautiful but doesn't know it even though others do.
Aye man you see nyrah over there shes so cute.
by 896kimmy October 26, 2017
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the most stupid,ugly,disgusting,worthless girl you will ever see
lol nyrah
by jabhaaa September 23, 2016
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