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to suffer from a rare ailment whereby one experiences severe and debilitating seizures from the endless pursuit of sexual encounters. Much like an orgasm, but with more terrifying and violent endings than that of the common orgasm. Found rarely in women, as men tend to possess more of the genetic triggers that can cause this impairment. Difficult to diagnose at first glance, but quite obvious when encountered. Signs of nympholepsy include rigid arms, legs, genitals, fingers and toes, as well as bent wrists, ear to ear grin, rapid convulsions of the hips, followed by sounds not found in any language on earth. Nearby, there is usually a woman with goddess like features, curled up naked in a fetal position in the corner unsure of what is happening. When this syndrome has been found in women, they are usually perched frozen upon a male companion's genitals as her seizure has caused severe tightening of the nether-region and clamped down securely.
Great word………and if you want to see this condition in person, stop by my office at your convenience. The woman curled up in the corner in a fetal position with goddess like features will remain anonymous! Then stop by later and witness the female goddess in a state of Nympholepsy. No pictures!
by puregenious October 05, 2010
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